Drug/alcohol testing can identify an employee’s or job applicant’s evidence of recent use of illicit drugs or alcohol abuse. Drug/alcohol testing will not only help employers prevent hiring individuals who use illegal drugs or abuse alcohol, but also provide a safe work environment for employees. Wondfo provides easy to use products for employers to help with the drug and alcohol testing process. Our T-Cups are user-friendly with 17 drugs (510 K Cleared) that can be used in any combination. Please see more information on our product page.



Many physicians are not skilled in recognizing the signs for drug abuse or addiction, especially when it comes to pain management prescriptions. Nowadays physicians are being proactive and instilling regular drug testing as part of their patient evaluations.



Hospitals and clinics use “CLIA-Waived” testing because this type of testing “waives” them from having to comply with the long list of laboratory requirements as well as provides them with reimbursements for the CLIA-Waived tests they have purchased.


Addiction and Treatment

In many cases, effective medical treatment for addictions cannot be successful without regularly drug testing patients. Drug testing can be used as part of the plan of care during treatment for substance-related disorders as well as for the assessment of psychiatric conditions. Drug testing is also a feature of a treatment program to provide ongoing monitoring of a patient who is no longer in the active phase of addiction treatment.


Government Agencies

T-cups are mainly used by government agencies for drug testing because they are convenient and user-friendly. Many of those being drug tested on a consistent basis in this category are inmates in correctional institutions, parolees, employees of governmental agencies, and in some instances welfare recipients.