One Step hCG Pregnancy Urine Test

  • Format: Strip/Cassette/Midstream
  • Sensitivity: 25mIU/mL
  • Results at 5 Minutes
  • Easy to Use
  • Only the above packaging is authentic Wondfo USA product. Our packaging and strip size/color does not vary.

Pregnancy Test Strip

Item CodeFormatPanelItem Description
W1-S10Pregnancy TestStriphCG Early Result Pregnancy Test Strip
W1-SPregnancy TestStriphCG Pregnancy Test Strip

Pregnancy Test Cassette

Item CodeFormatPanelItem Description
W1-CPregnancy TestCassettehCG Pregnancy Test Cassette

Pregnancy Test Midstream

Item CodeFormatPanelItem Description
W1-MP2Pregnancy TestMidstreamhCG Pregnancy Test Midstream
W1-MP3Pregnancy TestMidstreamhCG Pregnancy Test Midstream

Pregnancy Test Mini-Midstream

Item CodeFormatPanelItem Description
W2-MIIPregnancy TestMini-MidstreamLH Ovulation Test Mini-Midstream
W1-MIIPregnancy TestMini-MidstreamhCG Pregnancy Test Mini-Midstream

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