Vaculid Cup
Wondfo offers T-cup series instant urine screening testing kits in 5 to 20 panel configurations. A broad range of drug screening options allow you to combine and customize your program to fit your approaches in a wide of application scenarios.

  • Features
    •  Lower urine specimen shipping cost
    •  Eliminate leakage during shipping
    •  Simplify urine specimen transfer from cup to tube
    • Test specimen directly from the tube when applicable
    •  Reduced urine specimen storage requirements
    •  Lower urine specimen waste disposal cost


    •  Generic stock product adulterates include Creatinine (CR), Specific Gravity (S.G.) and pH. Other adulterates like Glutaraldehyde (GL), Oxidant (OX) & Nitrite (NI) are available through special order.
    •  T-cup and collection tubes are not included.

  • Product Specifications
    Sample Type Urine
    Format Vaculid Cup with temperature strip
    Volume 150mL
    Time to Results 5 minutes
    Kit Storage Conditions 39°F to 86°F (4°C to 30°C)
    Analytical Sensitivity Over 99% accuracy
    Shelf Life 24 months from date of manufacture
    Certificate CLIA Waived, Forensic use

Product Documentation