Wondfo K-Cup is an affordable drug testing solution that provides a quality screening method with (99%) accurate results, and it can detect up to 12 drugs at once. All inclusive design of K-Cup exclude handle of the urine sample and ensure the veracity of urine sample and drug screening results. Activation of integrated drug test kit could be turned on by collectors only, as result, donor can not manipulate with specimen. Peel able label put out of sight drug test result from those who do not need to view results. K-Cup's flat surface also makes documenting result easy to read and copying.

  • Features
    • Screw key design
    • Over 99% accuracy
    • Multiple drug panel configurations
    • Results in 5 minutes
    Note: Generic stock product adulterates include Creatinine (CR), Specific Gravity (S.G.) and pH. Other adulterates like Glutaraldehyde (GL), Oxidant (OX) & Nitrite (NI) are available through special order.
  • Product Specifications
    Sample Type Urine
    Format Key Cup with temperature strip
    Volume 80mL
    Time to Results 5 minutes
    Kit Storage Conditions 39°F to 86°F (4°C to 30°C)
    Analytical Sensitivity Over 99% accuracy
    Shelf Life 24 months from date of manufacture
    Certificate CLIA Waived, Forensic use

Product Documentation